Art Raffle

During these trying times I decided that I want to use my art as a way to give back to my IATSE family. As many of you know, I am very passionate about animals. I recognize during this time of crisis you may be forced to decided between buying food for your family or food for your pets. To help the burden of my brothers and sisters, I will be donating all money raised from my art to members who are struggling or just need a little extra assistance to feed their pets during this time. 

Each of my pieces are valued at $500 or more. If you would like to buy a raffle for a piece of my work they are $10 each. There will only be 50 tickets sold for each piece of art. 

How it works

There will be 50 tickets per art piece that can be purchased. Each ticket is $10 dollars and will be donated towards the  IATSE Local 8 union. 100% of the funds will go to the fundraiser.

Abstract Heart

18” x 12” hand forged from 3/4×3/4 solid steel bar, using traditional blacksmith tools.(hammer, anvil, forge, tongs)